This blog started as an idea following a discussion about something completely different that lead to a user posting the famous “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens”. That lead me to post my (meant to be funny, but don’t know if it was) post of “beers on the table and half naked women” – that I found would fit well with the theme and could actually be sung to the same tune – albeit not by Julie Andrews in the overly politically correct Sound of Music!

There are a number of blogs where you can post anonymously on the web, for instance the excellent Fmylife (FML) – where users can post whatever they want, as long it all ends with a FML. While fmylife wants you to post something that was embarrassing or tragic/funny/whatever, I figured that the Internet needs some positivity too. Its not all about porn, beheading videos, grooming of children, counterfeited music, movies and software – most of it is positive, but there are fewer places to post good stuff compared to places that are open to trolling, spam, hate speech and general asshole behavior. So, to make a short story shorter, viola – My favorite things was born.

Through the wonders of modern technology and good blogging tools, its easy to set up a blog about whatever. Try it if you haven’t. You’d be surprised about all the interesting things you have to say and the amount of people interested in reading it and commenting on it!

That said, I have no idea whether anyone would like to post their favorite things, either here or anywhere else. That is fine, but don’t come complain and whine about the fact that there is nowhere to air the things you like/adore/love in life – there is 🙂

Unfortunately I had to only allow for anonymous and automatically accepted replies to my initial post, the free wordpress.com blog tool will not allow me to accept new articles from non registered users on the site without also granting them the power to change all other settings. The potential for locking me out of my own blog is absolutely present when doing this, and that would not be a good thing me thinks.

Oh, about me: I am not a girl, but I do see that the girly name and topic mights lead you to believe that. I am actually a man in my prime (believed prime, not the real one) that has an interest in peoples opinion about stuff, sometimes annoying people with my thoughts on everything. That might also happen here, I have given myself the right to make any comments I see fit or appropriate. If you don’t like it – fine. I don’t like conformity of opinion much, its counter productive.

Thanks for reading to the end, if you are not one of those that read the end first, and welcome to this site 😀


Let everyone know what your favorite things are :)

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